Do you want to start your self-organised language learning online, but you need some support in order to implement your study successfully? This course is specially developed for you! It offers five independent units including multimedia elements like podcasts and video.

The course takes you approximately 20 hours plus some time for individual learning. It will give you the keys for understanding how to learn efficiently, but not only new languages: you will be able to apply these new learning skills to every area you would like to learn.

Do you want to support your language students’ autonomous on-line learning, but need some advice in order to effectively motivate and enhance their efforts? This course is especially developed for you! It is articulated in five independent units including external links, multimedia, video and self-evaluation questionnaires.
The course will take you approximately 24 hours, plus extra time for individual follow-ups. It offers you elements to make your tutoring effective; not only for language teaching: you will be able to apply these new teaching skills to any area or subject.